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Prof. Dr. Ha-Duong Ngo
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Microsensor & Actuator Technology
TU Berlin, TIB 4/2-1
13355 Berlin, Germany
 Prof. Ha-Duong Ngo

Ha-Duong Ngo was born on 25th of December 1971 in Vietnam. He went to highschool in Vietnam and finished with the Abitur in 1986. 1987, he started his studies at the University of Technologies and University for Foreign Languages. 1988 he moved to Ukraine and studied at the military academy in Kiev until 1992. 1993 he started his studies of electroengineering at University of Chemnitz Germany . 1998 he did a trainee period at the laboratories of BOSCH (OMM, MEMS). He obtained the german diploma degree of ET in January 1999. From 1999 - 2003 he was member of the Microsensor & Actuator Technology of the Technical University Berlin, where he conducted research on µActuator and Optical MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems). 2004 he joined Schott Electronics, R&D department, project Wafer Level Packaging (WLCP) for MEMS and image sensors application, as Process Manager Plasma (Silicon Etch ASE, PECVD, Oxide Etch AOE, Sputtering). July 2006 he joined the Electrical Engineering Department at Technical University Berlin. He is now lecturer at TUB and Professor with HTW (University of applied sciences Berlin).

Current Research:

His current research interests include FEM simulation of micromachined devices, design and development of micro piezoresistive pressure sensors on SOI and SiC materials, micromachining technologies (thin film and bulk).