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Device Development

- Piezoresistive MEMS sensors for extremly low pressures
- Silizium-Kraftsensor für extrem hohen Druckbereich
- Metallisierungssysteme für Hochtemperatur-Anwendungen
- An Electromagnetically Actuated bi-stable Optical Microswitch
- SiC based pressure sensor
- SOI based pressure sensor for high temperature applications
- High Temperature SiC Micro Hotplates for Gas Sensors
- 2D-Arrays of MEMS Surface Hotwires for Measurement of Wall-Shear-
  Stress measurement in turbulent flows

- MEMS Surface Fence Probe for Wall Shear Stress Measurements
- Micro Coil with Movable Core for Inductive Displacement Sensors
- Micromachined Continuous Ink Jet Print Head for High Res.Printing
- High Temperature Pressure Sensor for Combustion Engines
- Two Axis Micromachined Accelerometer for Gesture Recognition
- Basic Modules for Chemical Sensors
- A Fast Switching Surface Micromachined Electrostatic Relay
- Standard Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors for Automotive Applications


- Silicon Fusion Bonding
- High Precision V-Groove Etching in (100) Silicon
- Deep Reactive Ion Etching (Bosch Process)
- Corner rounding to strengthen silicon sensors
- Notch-free structuring of SOI-Materials


- Elastic Properties of Thin 3C-SiC Films
- Fatigue Testing of Polysilicon for MEMS Applications
- Long-term stability of Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors