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Ha-Duong Ngo,  Oliver Pabst, Tolga Tekin, Michael Schiffer, Ernst Obermeier, Klaus Dieter Lang
Measurement of Young's modulus and residual stress of thin SiC layers for MEMS high temperature applications
Journal Microsystem Technologies, Springer, ISSN 0946-7076, DOI 10.1007/s00542-011-1419-3, Jan. 2012


Piotr  Mackowiak, Tolga Tekin, Ha-Duong Ngo                                                    Thermal analysis on silicon photonics integrated MZI modulator and driver                      SPIE Photonics Europe Conference, Apr. 2012, Brussels, Belgium. Paper accepted.


Ha-Duong Ngo                                                                                                            Silicon Carbide Pressure Sensor for High-Temperature Environments                               Poster-Beitrag. MicroMountains Innovation Forum. Villingen-Schwenningen, 29. Feb. 2012.

Heterogenous Technology Alliance                                                                            Gas Measurement Roadmap                                                                                          European cooperation in microelectronics. 29. May 2012.