Research Academics  

 J. Leib, H.-D. Ngo,  M. Toepper
Tapered Through-Silicon-Via Interconnects for Wafer-Level Packaging of Sensor Devices
IEEE Transactions on Advanced Packaging. Journal paper.

H.-D. Ngo, T. Akashi, Y. Osone, K. Yoshida, H. Reichl
A novel plasma etching technique for notch-free structuring of SOI materials for MEMS applications
Smart System Integration Proceeding
.VDE Verlag, ISBN 978-3-8007-3208-1, Paper 83, March, 2010, Como, Italy

Piotr Mackowiak, Michael Schiffer, Xin Xu, Ernst Obermeier, Ha-Duong Ngo
Design and simulation of ultra high sensitive piezoresistive MEMS sensor with structured membrane for low pressure applications
12th Electronics Packaging Technology Conference, 8th-10th December 2010, Singapore