Research Academics  

U. Buder, J.-P. von Klitzing, and E. Obermeier
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Proceedings of the 19th Eurosensors, Barcelona, Spain, 11th – 14th September 2005, MC11


M.Schiffer, E. Obermeier, F.Grewe, A.Ebner, H.H.Fernholz
A New Height-Adjustable AeroMEMS Surface Fence Probe Fabricated in SOI Technology for High Resolution Wall Shear Stress Measurements in Turbulent Flows
TRANSDUCERS'05 Conference Proceedings, Seoul 2005

H.Steffes, A.Schleunitz, U.Gernert, R.Chabicovsky, E.Obermeier
A noval optical gas sensor based on sputtered InxOyNz films with gol-nano-dots
Micro- and Nano-Engineering 2005, Conference Proceedings

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Encyclopadia of Sensors 2004
A.Berns, R.v.Metzen, B.Mukhopadhyay, E. Obermeier, A.Wolter, A.Leder
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Proceedings of the 19th Eurosensors, Barcelona, Spain, 11th – 14th September 2005,
P.Kreisl, A.Helwig, A.Friedberger, G.Mueller, E. Obermeier, S.Sotier
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U. Buder, A.Berns, J.-P. von Klitzing, R.Petz, W.Nitsche, E. Obermeier
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